Global Charity Award Regulations - World Charity Award


General Provisions

The award is held as part of the World Charity Forum in order to highlight the maximum number of projects, developments
and achievements of the industry and promoting charity and philanthropy.

Дата проведения церемонии:
18 февраля 2019 года.

Date of the ceremony: February 2022


The Board of Trustees of the World Charity Forum is approved by the President of the Forum, the council consists of 15 people. The Board of Trustees has the right to vote and by selection of applications a vote is taken of candidates for the Prize. Any company has the right to participate in nominations by submitting an application according to the rules on the site (link to the window to submit an application) in the established form until 01 January 2022.

The composition of the Board of Trustees is published on WWW.WORLDCHARITYFORUM.RU.
The Council serves as the Prize Jury and selects the finalists for the prize, and also participates in the award ceremony.


Stages of the Prize

  • Announcement of the date of the award - January 01, 2022;
  • Accepting applications for participation 01.01.2022;
  • Holding the award ceremony on February, 2022;
  • Winners are awarded with a WCF statuette.


Award Nominations

  • Caring for people with disabilities
  • Children is our future
  • Our planet
  • Cultural heritage
  • Charity without borders


Order of participation

  • Nominee companies nominate their own candidates on the site, except for nominations as invited companies;
  • The selection and nomination of invited companies is made by the Board of Trustees;
  • Companies can participate in different nominations if they comply with
    the rules participation;
  • Do not have the right to participate in companies with unrealized projects;
  • The rules of participation in a particular nomination, application forms of nominees are placed
    on WWW.WORLDCHARITYFORUM.RU site in the "Rules of participation";
  • Completed application and additional materials, according to the rules of participation
    sent to the Board of Trustees at;
  • After checking the application for compliance with the rules of participation, the application is placed
    in the block "NOMINATIONS".


The procedure for determining the winners

  • Winners are determined by voting by members of the Board of Trustees with
    filling out the relevant voting forms.
  • The vote of the Board of Trustees is held as part of the award ceremony on February 2022.
  • The winners in the categories “Medicine of the Future”, “Infrastructure Contribution”, “Personal Contribution”, “Social Entrepreneurship”, “Discovery of the Year” are determined by written vote by members of the Board of Trustees
    of the World Charitable Forum by sending information about nominees for the award in these categories by E-mail in the prescribed form.
  • Voting results can be provided upon written request
    nomination participants no earlier than March 2022.
  • Voting results are recorded by the relevant protocol, which
    signed by all board members;
  • Information about the winners is announced at the World Charity Award for achievements in the field
    of philanthropy and philanthropy - “World Charity Award” and published on the site.


The World Charity Award ceremony for the highest achievements
in the field of philanthropy and philanthropy - “World Charity Award”

  • The program and information about the venue of the ceremony is published in the “Award” section on the WWW.WORLDCHARITYFORUM.COM website;
  • Guests attend the ceremony paid;
  • An application for the purchase of tickets can be left on the website in the "Buy a Ticket" section.


Rights of the winner of the World Charity Forum Award

  • The winners of the World Charity Award will receive a WCF statuette issued on a special and limited edition;
  • Winners have the right to use the logo of the World Charity Forum on all of their advertising media.